Lived Experience: Anna Choi

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I don’t like it when Dad hits Mom. When he hits her I am really scared and my head hurts. My heart pounds so hard in my head I can hardly hear anything else. All I want to do is go into my room and hide my head under the pillows. It’s hard to go to school and listen to what my teacher Ms. Edwards is saying. She keeps asking me what is wrong, but I can’t tell her. Sometimes I go to the office because my stomach hurts. I am afraid my Dad will be angry if Ms. Edwards tells him I am not listening in class.  Why is my Dad always mad? Maybe it is my fault. I love my dad, but he hurts my mom all the time. I love my Mom very much, I love my brother too.  But I don’t like my grandmother because she yells at my Mom. I wish my parents would be friends.  I like to go outside and play with other kids, not just stay inside and help around the house all the time. But I know helping out makes my mom less sad. I just want my family to be happy.