Transforming Stress

It’s important to acknowledge what we’re feeling because our feelings serve a purpose in helping us process what we’re experiencing.

Ask:  “I’m having big feelings right now. What can I do to metabolize (transform into something less harmful) these feelings?”

If we don’t metabolize, we feel “saturated” and may begin to “hemorrhage out” into unhealthy/harmful behaviors or actions.

It’s important to have daily practices that help us metabolize.

Finger Holds

This is a light and practical exercise that you can do at any time for immediate self-care by using simple finger-holds to release extreme emotions.

  • Hold each finger with the opposite hand for two to five minutes until you feel a steady, rhythmic pulse. This will help move and drain blocked energy, and bring back a sense of balance and harmony to the body. You can work with either hand.
  • Deep breathing while holding each finger can also help to bring the body-mind-spirit to a state of peace and harmony.
  • As you hold each finger, breathe in deeply; recognize and acknowledge the strong or disturbing feelings or emotions you are experiencing. Breathe out slowly and let go. Imagine the feelings draining out your finger into the earth. Breathe in a sense of harmony, strength and healing. And breathe out slowly, releasing feelings and problems.  
  • As you hold each finger, you may feel a pulsing sensation as the energy and feelings move and become balanced.
Finger Holds

Click here to download a guide to finger holds.