Lived Experience: Kimmy Johnson


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My boyfriend is actually a good friend of my brother’s. His name is Devon King, but everyone just calls him “King” because he’s so popular. He’s good at sports, and he drives a nice car, and he’s on the honor roll. We started dating when he and Mike wanted to go doubles to the junior prom in January. He and my friend Cheri are the two friends that make everything ok through all this stuff with my mom and dad. I can tell Devon and Cheri everything about what’s going on with my dad and mom, and they listen.

But you know, the person I really like to talk to is Mrs. Hardiway, my math coach. Sometimes after school I stop by and just talk to her, or after math team practice she’ll buy me a soda and we’ll walk to my locker together. I was worried at first, but then I told her everything. And the cool thing is that Mrs. Hardiway has been giving me some ideas about how to talk to my mom. Like, the other day, she gave me a recipe for her grandmother’s peanut butter cookies, and suggested I get my mom to make them with me. And you know what? We made them and it was fun, my mom actually smiled, and asked me about Devon. It was great.