Lived Experience: Latanya Johnson

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My name is LaTanya. I work as a high school science teacher and have two teenage children. Kimmy who is 15 and Mike who is 16. I’m honestly still in shock that my life has come to this. Clinton and I met in college and I thought he was the perfect guy, and would be the perfect husband. I mean, sure, he was controlling sometimes – I think he would get jealous of my girlfriends and not want me to go out with them – but I just thought that was because he was crazy about me. And he was, for years.

We had the kids, bought a house, have good jobs. We were living the American dream for 11 years. Then one night Clinton hit me, 4 years ago -out of the blue. Of course he felt terrible, and we went to counseling, and I thought it was all over. But he kept getting angrier and angrier. You’ve got to understand – I have a life with this man – we’ve built a home, supported each other through our careers, and been in love. Most of the time we’re the happiest couple on earth. But when this other Clinton comes home, we are on pins and needles, he is just horrible. No one in our church or family knows about this other part of our life. They all think we are the ideal couple.

This last time I swear he was really going to do something really bad to me, and of course, that was it. Even the kids agree – Kimmy especially. She doesn’t want anything to do with him anymore. None of us knows who he is anymore. I think Mike is still hoping his dad will make it right, but even Mike doesn’t want to see me hurt anymore.