Sanctuary Cafés

The Sanctuary Cafés are designed promote safety, healing and wellness for children and families as well as to support staff and agencies in their work.


Here are some principles to keep in mind to support the collective creativity and wisdom of the group as they engage in a Sanctuary Café.

  • Speak from your own experience - with your mind and heart

  • Listen to understand; be curious

  • Focus on what matters; welcome all ideas

  • Contribute your thinking

  • Allow everyone to speak without interrupting

  • Slow down so you have time to think and reflect

  • Link and connect ideas

  • Listen together for patterns, insights and deeper connections

  • Play, draw, doodle

  • Have fun!



  • How do you know when you suffering from the impact of your work?

  • What skills and practices help you stay well?

Supporting Each Other

  • How can we support each other in creating wellness throughout our organizations?

  • How might we build a culture to strengthen healthy relationships in our work and our community?

  • What skills and practices might we need?

Personal Commitments

  • Some shifts I can make in my life and my work that will contribute to my personal wellness are……

  • How I would like others to support me is....