Lived Experience: Brian Carlson


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I’m so mad at my mom; last time she kicked him out and this time she called the police. Now he is in jail. I know it is hard for her when he comes home angry from work. But I just don’t understand why she hates him so much. I think she needs to see his side. My dad says he hates his job and his boss is a total jerk. Some days he would come home from work and say and do mean things, but I know that he loves us.

My dad is my role model. I want to be just like him when I grow up. And when my mom had him arrested I got really angry at my mom. After my dad left, I didn’t want to do anything except sleep. Sometimes I think I don’t even want to be alive. I used to love to be at school. But now I see how my friends don’t have the same problems I have, so I avoid them and don’t really want to hang out with anyone. My teacher is always picking on me. Just yesterday she kicked me out of class because I yelled at her. I always get picked on for no reason. That is why I wish I could be my father, no one picks on him.