Needs and Acceptance

Understanding ourselves - our needs, our strengths, our limitations - can generate helpful insight. An ongoing process of self-awareness is important. When we are more self-aware of ourselves, we are better able to be aware and connected to the needs of others.

Please take a moment to fill in the blank. 

  • I am most insecure about: _________________

  • I feel accepted when: ___________________

  • I am most afraid of: ___________________

  • I get my needs met by: _______________________

Reflect on your responses in step 1 – What impact do these responses have on:

  • Your family

  • Your friends

  • Your work


Think of a person from a family you are working with and consider:

        (name of the person)         may be most insecure about…

        (name of the person)         may feel most accepted when…

        (name of the person)         may be most afraid of…

        (name of the person)         may get their needs met by…

Take a moment to reflect on the similarities and differences between your responses in step one and your response in step three.