Who Am I?

Write down 10–15 words that describe you well: your gender, ethnicity, family relationships, personality, political leanings, values, hobbies, employment, etc. Choose words that you feel closely describe yourself. (Examples: woman, man, mother, father, program director, singer, creative, smart, daughter or son, fitness nut, easy going, stubborn, bookworm, friendly, peace activist)

module-0-graphic001-sm (1).png

Look carefully at the words you just jotted down. Write the words that describe you the best or are the most important in your own understanding of yourself, nearest to the middle circle. Put the words that are less important or less key to how you describe yourself farther from the middle circle.

Choose 5 words (could pull from the list you just created) that someone meeting you for the first time would probably use to describe you.

Write down the 5 words nearest to the middle circle.

Optional: Find a colleague to share this process with and discuss how the 5 words from question one are similar or different from the 5 most important words you selected for question two.