The research is clear – childhood trauma and adverse experiences can greatly impact children’s healthy development including their emotional, mental, and physical health.

The strong connection between childhood trauma - including exposure to domestic violence - and many of the costly societal issues that our community faces every day means we all must address this issue. 


Every 10 minutes another child in Contra Costa County sees or hears domestic violence.

Families Thrive, a unique Contra Costa County partnership, is actively marshaling resources and supporting partnerships to address the specific needs of children, youth, and families impacted by trauma and domestic violence. This community of professionals leverages their knowledge, training, and shared expertise to transform how they think about and do their work. Heightened awareness and knowledge empowers organizations to change practices and policies, collaborate to strengthen prevention and early intervention strategies, and raise community awareness.

  • School districts

  • Early childhood education

  • Community-based organizations

  • Juvenile justice

  • Healthcare

  • Domestic violence services

  • Sexual assault services

  • Mental health services

  • Children and family services

Through Families Thrive we can:

  • Significantly diminish crime and incarceration rates.

  • Reduce the demand on mental health, unemployment, and social services.

  • Make businesses and schools more productive.

  • Improve the health, well-being, safety and success of the young people in our community.

In addition, the ripple effects of trauma and toxic stress are especially prevalent in social service systems. Families Thrive is actively supporting agencies and organizations to build more trauma-informed workplaces through building our capacity to promote safety, healing, and resilience for staff, programs/organizations, and the children and families they serve.


Families Thrive Philosophy

At the core of this work is better supporting families experiencing toxic stress or trauma with a trauma-informed lens. This view acknowledges people's experiences and strengths and shifts our thinking to how we can better support people's paths to healing and wellness. It also acknowledges that experiencing violence in the home, where everyone has a right to feel safe, can be more damaging and impactful than experiencing violence in the community or from a stranger. Children are better able to thrive in a home that is safe. When trauma occurs in the family and is not recognized or acknowledged it can have significant short and long term repercussions.

The Need for Families Thrive

Recognizing the need for a more coordinated approach in addressing domestic violence, family violence, and elder abuse countywide, the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors created Zero Tolerance for Domestic Violence in 2000, now called the Contra Costa Alliance to End Abuse. Families Thrive, an Alliance project, brings together key organizations to raise awareness, share insights and build community‐wide supports for families affected by domestic violence and trauma.

How You Can Get Involved

Everyone actively working to support children, youth, and families in Contra Costa County is invited to join Families Thrive.

  • Access the learning modules on this website to learn more about childhood exposure to domestic violence.

  • Join in the partnership to share best practices and collaborate with peers.

By leveraging existing resources and developing new strategies we can work to promote safety for Contra Costa County children, build stronger families, and set a positive course for our community.

To get involved, please email or call 925-608-4975.