Action Briefs and Tips

  • Trauma-Informed Systems - This action brief explores what can be done to create a more trauma-informed system. A trauma-informed system is one in which all parties recognize and respond to the impact of trauma on those who have contact with the system, including children, caregivers and service providers.
  • Healthy Workplaces - This action brief reviews what can be done to support staff and create a healthy workplace. A healthy workplace recognizes the impact of toxic stress on staff and clients and works to build a culture of safety. A culture of safety is based on communications that nurture mutual trust and a shared experience of creating and maintaining safety. This culture is built through providing structure, connection, and support in the workplace.
  • Community Meetings - This action brief shares information about community meetings. Community meetings can be used to take the pulse of a group before the beginning of the day or the beginning of a meeting. It is not a therapy group but a short check in to connect with others. Community meetings can provide safety within the group by allowing each participant to be heard and acknowledged.

The following action tips offer suggestions for what different people and organizations can do to address childhood exposure to domestic violence.