Training and Technical Assistance

Can we help?

Families Thrive offers training and technical assistance to organizations and agencies that work with children, youth, or families in Contra Costa County, CA.

What type of training and technical assistance is available?

We offer training and technical assistance to organizations and agencies that are interested in learning more about and addressing organizational practices and policies to address childhood exposure to domestic violence.

Training and technical assistance activities may include (but are not limited to):

  • Providing in-person training.
  • Integrating online training into organizational or agency professional development.
  • Evaluating opportunities for organizational or agency practice or policy changes.
  • Supporting the development of new programs or partnerships.
  • Advising on data collection and utilization.

Please visit our Online Learning Center, Action Briefs, ArticlesPresentations, and Videos for more information related to specific subject areas.

Training on Trauma and Sanctuary Model®

Training is available to help us learn more about the trauma on workplaces and strategies for creating a more trauma-informed and healthy workplace. Contra Costa County has made a commitment to trauma-informed workplaces including:

  1. Recognizing secondary trauma and the importance of training and supervision to reduce its impact.

  2. Understanding how working with children and families can trigger a person’s own trauma history and impede a person’s ability to do his/her job.

  3. Learning how to manage feelings or reactions that may arise when working with children and families who have experienced trauma.

  4. Providing supervision time to help people understand their own stress reactions and planning strategies to help support resilience and wellness.

  5. Holding team meetings that include topics and support related to secondary/vicarious trauma.

  6. Prioritizing staff development and retention.

Families Thrive offers or supports the following training to help create a more trauma- informed system to better support staff, families and children.

Trauma 101 - Understanding types of trauma and impact of trauma.

Childhood Exposure to Domestic Violence - Training and technical assistance to raise awareness of childhood exposure to domestic violence.

Human Trafficking - Overview of types of human trafficking and how to recognize, access resources, and respond.  

Healthy Workplaces - One day training on toxic stress in the workplace and how to create a more healthy workplace.

Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience - Five day training on trauma healing & resilience.

Sanctuary Café - Half day to two day trainings on Sanctuary Cafés in the workplace.

Sanctuary Model® - Five day training on the Sanctuary Model®.

Sanctuary Certification - One to three year tiered process to obtain Sanctuary Model® Certification.

Is there any cost to receiving technical assistance?

Families Thrive training and technical assistance is provided by the Zero Tolerance for Domestic Violence initiative, a private/public partnership of the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors.  There is no cost for training or technical assistance to organizations or agencies in Contra Costa County, California.

How is training and technical assistance provided?

Generally, training and technical assistance is provided after an initial consultation on the phone.


For questions on obtaining technical assistance, please contact Families Thrive at or (925) 313-1791.