Lived Experience: Peggy Carlson


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I arrive home from work after stopping at my parents’ house. My mother had called to ask me to drop off some medicine for my father on my way home. Because the store is so close to my office I assumed this would be a quick stop, but there was a long wait at the store, and by the time I got home I was about 45 minutes late.

When I walk in the door, Bruce is with Amanda and Brian in the living room. They are all playing with a brand-new puppy that Bruce just brought home – a puppy we never discussed. He confronts me about being late and accuses me of hanging out with my guy friends from work. I tell him he’s crazy and that I had to stop at the store for my mom. In an effort to appease him, I offer to call my mother, even though I don’t like to involve my parents. But he doesn’t seem to hear me, and he keeps yelling at me about being late, and I start to get mad. I am really worried about the kids seeing all of this and I just want him to stop. I tell him he’s being stupid and to try to calm down. This only seems to escalate his anger and he rants that he knows my mom has lied for me in the past and would do it again. He yells that he was trying to do something nice and surprise everyone with a new puppy, but I screwed things up by not being home for the surprise. He kicks the dog in front of the kids.