Critical Thinking

This section is intended to allow us to integrate the training content into the lived experiences of families. Each of these critical thinking questions addresses one or more of the people in the Carlson, Choi, or Johnson families, and examines an aspect of their lives.

Take time to think about each of these questions, and think about responses from multiple stakeholders’ points of view. It may be helpful to go back and review sections of the curriculum, re-read the experiences of each family member, and engage in dialogue with community partners and co-workers.

  • How would you go about taking a approach to safety planning defined by Peggy, LaTanya and Aimee?

  • What are some of LaTanya’s unique life circumstances that you would want to consider? What might she describe as her greatest risk?

  • If you were a social worker at the community center where Aimee is seeking support, what would you like to add to support her safety?

  • What are some strategies you use to partner with people using abused and their children? What has worked? What hasn’t worked?

  • Based on the module, what are two things you can change in your work to take a more person defined approach to safety and safety planning?

  • What current opportunities do you have to review and revise safety plans with people experiencing abuse and their children? What opportunities would you like to create?