Lived Experience: Peggy Carlson

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I can’t believe I had to wait 45 minutes to talk to someone. It was hard enough to get here, then I have to wait. I feel like all I do is wait. I am not even sure what they can do to help. The woman I talk to looks so young. We sit down in a cozy room and she asks me how I am doing. Some question! I am horrible! I ask her if that woman from Child Protective Services could tell her why I am here, but she says that she would need to get a release.

Oh forget it.

I tell her I am still not feeling good. My side hurts. It hurts when I breathe and when I cry, which I do all the time. My daughter, Amanda, has been really clingy, and my son, Brian, asks about his dad every day. They are really confused. When I think about Brian, I hurt because I know he wants to be with his dad, but it is not safe for us to be with Bruce.

The fact that Bruce kicked a puppy in front of the kids makes me think he has no regard for their safety. He never cared much for Amanda, but to do it in front of Brian makes me think he is really losing it. I know he’s having a really hard time. Maybe a break from Bruce would give us both time to sort it out. I know that this will make Bruce mad. No kids, no house, no sex. He is going to be MAD. But then, maybe this will help him figure himself out so we can get back together.