Critical Thinking

This section is intended to allow us to integrate the training content into the lived experiences of families. Each of these critical thinking questions addresses one or more of the people in the Carlson, Choi, or Johnson families, and examines an aspect of their lives.

Take time to think about each of these questions, and think about responses from multiple points of view. It may be helpful to go back and review sections of the curriculum, re-read the experiences of each family member, and engage in dialogue with community partners and co-workers.

  • If you were Amanda’s teacher, what signs do you think you might see to show that she is living in a home with intimate partner violence?

  • What could you do if you were Amanda’s teacher and you knew about the violence she was living with?

  • Why would Brian think his mom caused the violence by not listening to his dad?

  • Why do you think Nelson has a hard time leaving his mom?

  • What could you do to make sure Nelson feels safe in a new situation?

  • Why does Anna think the violence is her own fault?

  • What resources does Mike have to help him through this hard time?