Lived Experience: Anna Choi


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My name is Anna Choi and I am 6 years old. I am Korean American. That means that while I was born here in America, my family is from Korea, and so I’m lucky sometimes because I get to be both things.

I am in first grade and my teacher is Mrs. Edwards.  She’s really nice and I think she likes me a lot. She listens to me when I want to tell her stuff about friends or my outfits.  I sometimes wish she was my grandma. My grandma is really bossy sometimes, especially with my mom.

Before we moved out, my mom always had to listen to what my grandma says – that’s part of being Korean. So when my Dad yells or my grandma yells, we all have to listen. If I was a better listener my dad wouldn’t be so mad all the time – I know that’s true. So I try to be really good, at school and at home.

My dad is a really important scientist, and I know he has a lot of people at work who listen to him and think he is really great. When he comes home he needs us to be quiet, and he needs my mom to have dinner ready for him. My job used to be to help my mom cook and put the newspaper by his chair. I tried really hard to do it just right, but he still would yell. I guess I got it wrong sometimes, so we had to move into a different house. My mom is sad now sometimes, but then she also seems happy. I wish I could make her feel really happy all the time.