Critical Thinking

This section is intended to allow us to integrate the training content into the lived experiences of families. Each of these critical thinking questions addresses one or more of the people in the Carlson, Choi, or Johnson families, and examines an aspect of their lives.

Take time to think about each of these questions, and think about responses from multiple stakeholders’ points of view. It may be helpful to go back and review sections of the curriculum, re-read the experiences of each family member, and engage in dialogue with community partners and co-workers.

  • Who around Kimmy might notice that something is wrong in her relationship with King? How could they help her?

  • What concerns do you have for Kimmy? Who could engage with her? How could they engage with her?

  • Brian is showing signs of using abuse in his relationships, like his father. What steps could be taken, and who could take them to help him right now? Who might notice his behavior? What resources does he have?

  • What are the multiple factors in Mike’s life that influence the ways he behaves when he finds out that King hit Kimmy?