Lived Experience: Kimmy Johnson

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I am so lucky to have King in my life as my boyfriend. He’s the only one who understands me—sometimes I think he’s the only one who really loves me. He tells me he loves me all the time, more than anyone else does, and that makes me feel special. And he’s just so great—I can’t believe I get to go out with a guy like him. I mean, he’s the most popular guy in school, and now he’s playing center on the school basketball team, even though he’s just a junior. And he’s got great grades—he’s amazing.

Since my mom and dad split up, and my mom is so distant and trying to be perfect all the time, I don’t feel like I have anyone but him and my friend Cheri to talk to. I wish King liked Cheri better. He gets angry and says that I spend too much time with her, and that I should be spending more time with him. It’s hard though, because she’s been my best friend for years. But I get it. When you really love someone you have to give them everything to show them you love them. And Cheri and I still see each other in school, and I still go over to her house when King has practice after school. I just make sure I’m ready and out front when he drives by to get me after practice to take me home. He doesn’t like it when I’m not ready, because he’s usually so tired from practice, and just wants me there to take care of him.