Lived Experience: Mike Johnson

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I used to think my friend King was the best guy ever, but I think I’m going to kill him. Kimmy came home tonight with a black eye. I think I know how you can get so angry that you want to hurt someone but not my sister, man. Kimmy told me about what happened, but she didn’t have to tell me, actually. The black eye is enough. What a jerk. I mean, she won the Brain Bowl and she came back with that medal and the scholarship money. First thing when she walks in the door she calls him to tell him the good news. But then she’s saying “I’m sorry, King, yeah, King, I’m so sorry,” and she’ll meet him. Then he pulls up in front of the house and she runs out the door and jumps in his car. I felt so bad for Mom; she was going to make that nice dinner and everything.

Then she gets home late and goes straight to her room, but I followed her. I could see her face —mom was sleeping on the couch and didn’t see. Kimmy says he’s never hit her before, and he’s so sorry. She told me he just can’t help it, and he says he’ll never do it again. She is smarter than that, she knows the drill.