Lived Experience: Brian Carlson

Read Brian’s Story (now age 15)


Things are easier now that Amanda has left for college. She and Dad never made up after that last time when Dad left for a while. That was a year and a half ago. He and mom had been doing really well. Mom had been listening to Dad a lot, and he bought her a new TV when he came back to show her how sorry he was for breaking the old one. Even though it was her who kept changing the channel. Whatever. And now Amanda is gone, and life around here is way easier.

The best thing is that I’ve got a girlfriend now. She’s sweet, and so pretty, and she gets me. I mean, she can see down into my soul and make me feel good just by looking at me. She makes me feel really important. I can tell she’d totally into me—she’s always there to listen to me and hang out with me at lunch. I wish I had a car so I could take her out. Next year. Sometimes I even get her to sneak off campus with me during 5th period—we go down to the park and make out. She doesn’t like it that much—she’s missing Spanish, but she does it anyway, because she’s crazy about me. And I know that Caleb Lorenz keeps staring at her in Spanish—I think he’s into her. So it’s better this way, and she gets it, that she needs to show me she loves me. It’s great to have a woman that listens.