Lived Experience: Anna Choi


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Sometimes I get so sad that I think I might disappear—my mommy is sad a lot now and sometimes she also gets really tired. I try to help her as much as I can. I try to make my bed in the morning and I get dressed before she even has to ask me. I also try to get Nelson dressed, which is easier now that we are in the same bedroom. Sometimes when Nelson gets sad at night, I let him sleep in my bed. I don’t sleep a lot anyway, so it is nice to watch him sleep. It makes me feel like I’m helping. But even when I help, my mommy is still sad.

Lately we have to go to a center when we are going to see my dad—we can’t see him at Gramma’s house anymore, or at his house. There has to be a lady in the room when we see him. It’s a special room with lots of toys and games, and sometimes Dad will play with us, but a lot of times he just sits and talks to the lady. I like the lady a lot—she has a kind smile—she reminds me of my teacher. Sometimes, before I see my dad, the lady and Nelson and I talk about what happened that week or how we feel about seeing my dad. I always tell her I’m fine, and I want to see my dad. I don’t want to tell her that I don’t want to, because I know my mommy worked hard to make it so we can see him. Plus I need to stay in the room with Dad so he doesn’t yell at Nelson. I don’t want to upset the lady. She’s so nice.