Lived Experience: Brian Carlson

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My dad moved back home—it is so awesome. He bought me the baseball glove, and him and my mom are hugging all the time. Last week we had pizza two nights in a row. It’s great. It’s like a party all the time at my house. The only one who isn’t happy is my sister, but she’s stupid sometimes. Dad says it’s ’cuz of puberty, and that girls get all crazy and icky when they go through that. I’m glad that when boys go through it they just get strong. I can’t wait to be strong like my dad.

The one bummer is that I had to go to the principal’s office again. I got mad at Mrs. Masunaga when she told me I had to try harder on my homework, and I yelled at her and called her a bad word. I forgot again that you aren’t supposed to use that word at school. I felt bad, because I like Mrs. Masunaga. I had to go to the office, and this time they called my mom and dad to come and get me. You could tell that Mom was really mad, and she kept asking the principal and Mrs. Masunaga questions, but Dad made sure she didn’t ask too many. He told her to shut up and that helped, and we got to go home.